This two-hour documentary is based on the best-selling book by historian Jay Winik. It covers the last few weeks of the Civil War, from President Abraham Lincoln’s second inauguration, to the surrender at Appomatox, the assassination of Lincoln, and the final laying down of arms by the Confederacy.

APRIL 1865 examines the extraordinary series of events that changed the course of history in 30 brief days. In that one month, Petersburg fell, Richmond fell and burned, General Lee retreated to Appomattox, the Confederate States Armies surrendered one after another, President Lincoln was assassinated, and the famous actor John Wilkes Booth was hunted down. This docu-drama follows the events and how they affected the entire nation even to this day.



There are two "large" and three "small" projects below. Choose one of each and complete by the assigned due date.
You may choose to complete two "large" projects.

create a wiki page titled "APRIL 1865"


Creating a Timeline. (use timetoast and embed in your wiki) as an in-class assignment, create a timeline beginning with the nomination of Lincoln as a Republican candidate and ending with the election of President Grant. The timeline should include at least TWENTY events, especially Lincoln’s election, the firing on Fort Sumter, important Civil War battles, Appomatox, Lincoln’s assassination, and the capture of Jefferson Davis. Your timetoast entries must have an image, a brief description and a link to a website with more information

Geography Review. (use google earth or scribble maps) locate on a map the following places: the Mason-Dixon line; the Potomac River; Washington, D.C.; Charleston, S.C.; Durham, N.C.; Appomatox; and Richmond, Va. and the location of the MAJOR LAND BATTLES found on wikipedia major land battles
    • specifics - Add place mark to the locations indicated within the place mark description add a link to a wikipedia article when available. Save the map as a KMZ file and upload to your wiki

Identifying Historical Figures. (use trading card tool for each) Who were the following people? ( embed the resulting trading card on your wiki page, include an image - DOB / DOD occupations, and include the link to the wikipedia article about them. 1) Robert E. Lee, 2) Ulysses S. Grant, 3) Jefferson Davis, 4) John Wilkes Booth, 5) Joseph Johnston, 6) Phillip Sheridan, 7) William T. Sherman, 8) Frederick Douglass, 9) John S. Mosby, 10) Henry Stanton, 11) Andrew Johnson.


Map Activity. (use Google Earth and draw a path with the various stops) What was John Wilkes Booth’s original plan? Why did he change it? What was the result? Create a map showing Booth’s route from Lincoln’s assassination to Booth’s death. be sure to include images and descriptions and links to more information

Research Presentation. Create a presentation (3 to 5 minutes in length on one of the following subjects:
  1. the fall of Richmond,
  2. Lee’s surrender at Appomatox,
  3. Mosby’s Raiders,
  4. the racial integration of the Confederate Army,
  5. Jefferson Davis’s presidency,
  6. the assassination of Lincoln.
You may also choose your own topic but it MUST must be cleared with the teacher . You should use more than three sources, of which one should be a primary source. (for help on what is a primary source - click __HERE__

You may use video as part of your presentation with the following limitations
  1. video or video segments may not add up to more than two minutes in total length
  2. video must be original work by you, the student and must contain the appropriate links and credits
  3. NOTE if you do not give credits for images or video content you will receive a zero score for this portion of your assignment

your presentation must be uploaded to your wiki page before you deliver it to the class

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS - Contact Mr. Lewis immediatly